Who Is Jesus Christ?



In many religions they have a belief in a higher power or a higher form of spirituality. For hundreds of years the world has also found new ways and new religious Gods to pray to. There is more false information out online and in books and magazines than ever before. You see it in politics, movies and on your tv screen every day but you don’t realise it.


Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Holy Spirit of God worked through him. He was made in the image of God the Father. Born in Bethlehem some 2000 years ago from today, Jesus Christ’s mother Mary, also known as the virgin Mary, gave birth to him without the fornication with a man. Mary soon after married the good man Joseph so that Jesus’ birth would not be frowned upon or questioned by people and city leaders. 


They later moved to Nazareth where Jesus was raised by Mary and Joseph, and became a carpenter for most of his adult life. Jesus was a Jewish man who was baptized by John the Baptist. 

Matthew 3:13 


As Jesus was baptized, he came out of the water and he saw the heavens open up, and a spirit like a dove descended upon him and a voice saying, Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. 

Mark 1:10-11


Soon after John the Baptist was arrested, Jesus was performing miracles for the people and churches and started his ministries at the age of 30 in Jerusalem and began preaching the word of God and the scriptures in the Bible. 


Jesus had 12 apostles Peter, James, John, Andrew, Bartholomew, James, Judas, Jude, Matthew, Philip, Simon and Thomas. One of these men later will betray Jesus and another who say they don’t know who Jesus is to protect themselves. 


Jesus performed a number of miracles and healings on people and even turned water into wine and walked on water. The Jewish priests and leaders wanted Jesus arrested for blasphemy and claiming to be Gods Son. They would try and trick Jesus into saying things that were not true and that he did things that he did not do, but knowing this and knowing what they were like, Jesus outsmarted them. 


Months later Jesus knew his time was coming closer to what was about to happen to him. The last supper was the last meal Jesus had with all his disciples and he tried to prepare them for the events about to take place. He also spoke of how one of them will betray him and Judas knew he was talking about him. 

John 13:1-38


Soon after when Jesus was praying in the Kidron Valley, the soldiers were coming to arrest Jesus with Judas following. 


The guards arrested Jesus and brought him before the Roman king Pontius Pilate. After some savage beatings, Jesus was made to carry a cross to the top of the hill outside the city walls of Jerusalem. He was then nailed to a cross and left to die in front of his family and disciples and their other people of the city who wanted him dead. 


Jesus knew he needed to die for the peoples sins and when he passed away there was an earthquake unlike any other seen before. His body was then carried and put in a tomb and closed with a giant rock. After 3 days the soldiers returned to the tomb where the body was only to find it empty. Jesus rose again after 3 days and went and appeared to his people and family to show he is alive and will be with the true God in heaven soon.


A lot of reading and research needs to be made when checking facts about the Bible and Christianity. The more time goes on the more wrong information they tell about the Bible and Jesus Christ. There is also a number of false prophets out there that change the word of God to fit an agenda. 


For years they have been changing words in the Bible and replacing them with more politically correct words for today’s society. According to the Bible, human beings were created between 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. In other religions and according to scientists, humans have existed for hundreds and thousands of years. They also claim that the earth has been here for millions of years but that is also untrue because it fits an agenda that the world and people have been made from years of evolution and not from God in the Bible.  



Most if not all of other religions take what is in the Bible but just change it and twist it to convince people that there is more than one God. When these religious stories of false Gods get told through the generations, then people believe it when they are brought up in a different religious household. 

People in general do not question their surroundings and what they get taught at school or college. People do not like to take too many risks because of how they are taught at school. If you can help just a few people to seek the truth and see what is really happening around us then those people can be saved and have eternal life as well. 


Other examples of information being manipulated today are applications and websites that apparently tell you if a news story is true or if a website is trustworthy. But this is not true and it is all to fit with the agenda of the New World Order. In movies and music you will find a number of subliminal messages that occur in the world today. You will also find manipulating lies and satanic symbols in games, movies and technology. 


A very new example of underlining messages is in the Marvel movies the Avengers Infinity War. Now this is a great movie and very well done but you will find that in relation to the events in the Bible and the book of Revelations where the Tribulation will occur and the world will experience the judgement by God is that almost half of all the people on earth will die from either famine, war or natural disasters. 


This is similar to what happens in the movie where the main villain, Thanos, wants to wipe out half the universe. Even the names in Gematria have the same numbers and not by accident. 



English Gematria 462  

Simple Gematria 77



English Gematria 462

Simple Gematria 77


You will find in a lot of movies the cross symbol or a story of good and evil, where they have demonised the story of Jesus and God to inflict a negative outcome for people to see and to manipulate the human brain to think that the Christian God is bad. 


Other movies such as the Star Wars trilogy is another example of events taken from the Bible and demonised. In the Bible, Jesus Christ was created by God in the belly of a woman called Mary. Mary did not have any sexual encounters with another person to conceive this baby but rather God chose her to nurture and look after this baby. Now in the Star Wars movies the character Darth Vader who is the villain for the first 3 films is a very evil person. But as a young boy his real name is Anakin Skywalker and was also raised by his mother which had no sexual encounters with any men. 

So when you really dig into all the movies, books and shows that are for our entertainment you find that most things have an underlining story related to the Bible.


Other situations are quite different but are just as blasphemous. Today people are getting arrested in cities for just preaching the word of God but others who are on social media and Youtube mocking Jesus Christ and the Bible get promoted and praised because of the agenda to demonise Christianity. 


You see in different countries and cities that Christianity is rapidly being pushed out of sight and out of mind. In many countries when they have a new congress member sworn in, they put their right hand up and left hand on the Bible but today they are refusing to do so because it is the Christian Bible. 


People from all over the world are being arrested and put in jail for being Christian. Many others are having their homes burnt down by other radical religions and the governments are doing nothing to help. 


So if Christianity was not a threat or did not speak any truth than why would they try to stop and cover up so much of what is said in the Bible. Why would they need to demonise Jesus and the Christian movement? Because they know God is the one true God and Jesus Christ his son is coming back to judge them all for their sins. 

Whether what God you believe in or what religion you follow there is no doubt that we are all in a spiritual battle and we need to stand strong and be prepared for the coming events that will test us all. 

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