When Is the Tribulation

Let’s look now at the tribulation and if Jesus will return 2000 years later from when he came as the Messiah the first time. For many years people say that the Lord is coming back at this date or that date but none of them have been accurate. 


They have all come to pass and people are losing faith. In Joel 2:1, Matt 24:29-31, Rev 8:6, we see that there will be a time when everybody will hear the sound of a trumpet and we will know the end is near. In Matt 24:36 Jesus talks about how no man knows the day or hour when the Son of Man comes. He goes on to talk about the days of Noah and the flood. When we look at Heb 11:7 and 2 Peter 2:5 they also talk about what Jesus has said, but in the days of Noah, God told him that he would cause it to flood and prepared Noah. God will save his people from the wrath to come and rapture them out before the tribulation. 


Let’s look a bit deeper into this to find more answers in the word of God. We briefly talked about before the vision from Daniel the prophet. In Daniel 9:24-27 we see that it says 70 weeks ( which is 70 years ) determined upon thy people and we already know that 70 years times 7 days in a week will be 490 weeks which are years. From what we have already covered we know that 483 years have already been fulfilled which leaves 1 week remaining which is 7 years. If we analyse these scriptures even more we know that this will also mean 70 weeks are 70 years and that Israel right now are in their 71st year of becoming a nation again. 



7 x 7 = 49 


62 x 7 = 434 


434 + 49 = 483 years fulfilled by Jesus 


70 x 7 = 490


490 - 483 = 7 years for the Tribulation 


Back in the days of Noah, God said that our days shall be 120 years but that could also mean 120 jubilees. From creation until now it is 120 jubilees. A jubilee is 50 years and every 2000 years that is 40 jubilees. Now if you add up all the years from creation until now we are actually in the year 6019. When we add the numbers up we have 120 jubilees. 


If we look at Hosea 6:1-3 "After two days will he revive us" we see clear evidence that the Lord is returning 2000 years from when he was here as the Messiah. Remember “that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” 2 Peter 3:8 


Jesus says in John 14:2-3 that he is going to prepare a place for you and he will come again and receive us unto himself. The first time Jesus came to earth was as a Lamb preaching Gods word and to die for our sins. That is why it is so important to try and follow his word and be a stronger Christian because every time we sin we know that Jesus died for those sins. The second time the Lord will come to earth is as a Lion ready to battle and to defeat the enemies of God. 


Remember that I am working off Gods calendar here so the Judah calendar so Nisan/Mar/Apr is the start of the year. If we put all this information together and do some simple math here we can find a possible timeline of Jesus’ return. Please do your own research and read the Bible. 


I may say 7 and a half years for the tribulation period but that is because it is half a year before Gods calendar year starts. And just a quick note that this is written in November 2019 so just before the tribulation so these years are calculated from Nov 2019. 


It has been 2023 years since Jesus was born in Bethlehem. 


Jesus was baptized in the year 27 AD.


It has been 1992 years since Jesus Christ was baptized as the Messiah. 


And it has been 1989 years since he was crucified.   


Now Jesus died in 31 AD and rose again the third day of Passover in 31 AD.


We see that 1989 years is 11 years before the 2000 years of Christ’s crucifixion. 


Crucifixion was 31 AD and 2000 years later will be the year 2031.


2020 to 2031 is 11 years.


7 and a half years after 1989 years would be 1996 years.


In the year 1996 it was 2000 years from when Jesus was born.  


As of 2019, Jesus was born 2023 years ago.


Jesus was baptized 1992 and a half years ago. If we add 7 and a half years for the tribulation period then that would be 2000 years. 


Jesus was baptized in the year 27 AD. 


That would put us in the year 2027 which is 2000 years between his baptism and his second coming. 


From 2020 to 2027 is 7 years. 


All these numbers are connected and do line up with each other. God is a God of numbers and you can see that throughout scripture. 


There are many other signs of the tribulation to come. We saw back on September 23rd 2017 a woman in the stars of space. 


Rev 12:1-2 shows that this is a sign of things to come and things we all need to do before the tribulation. The 23rd of September 2017 was a Jewish holiday called Shabbat Shuva, which means repentance. This is a massive sign from God that people have a short time to repent and turn to him before his wrath is pawed out on the earth. 


Let’s look a bit closer into this. We know that Jesus was baptized in or around September some time. We see this sign from the heavens on 23rd of September. God will always give us signs but it is up to us to follow them and follow his word. 


There are many other signs that point to the coming judgement and the great deception.


For many years scientists have been saying that the big earthquake is going to strike or the suns solar flares will burn the earth and even the asteroids will hit earth. The book of Revelation was written hundreds and hundreds of years ago but it predicted all the future events because it is the word of God spoken to John. 


The earth is well overdue for a massive solar storm event. Based of historical precedence, experts say that the next big solar storm could hit earth around the year 2024 or 2025. The scientists say that roughly every 150 years a big solar storm happens. The last big one was back in 1859, the Carrington Event. The earth’s sun goes on an 11 year cycle of increased and decreased activity and the next highest peak is around 2024. Rev 16:8-9 show that this event is very possible. 


There are a number of places around the world that have massive earthquake zones and volcanic areas some of which are well overdue. In Israel they have cycles of major earthquakes that happen every 80-100 years. The last being in 1927 which would be 92 years ago. Rev 6:12, 8:5, 11:13, 11:19, 16:18 all speak of an earthquakes upon the earth. There are quite a lot of places around the world that could trigger an earthquake. Some areas are the West coast of United States with the San Andreas fault lines, Cascadia Subduction zone, Israel, Japan and New Zealand and others that are a part of the ring of fire.  


When we read through the book of Revelation we see that there are a number of disasters that will happen in the final 7 years. In Rev 8:11 a star falls from heaven and the name is Wormwood. Now if we think about this literal and not metaphorical then it sounds like that it could be some type of space asteroid. Many people believe that a planet called Nibiru is on its way towards earth and that it will hit us in the near future. For people who don’t know, Nibiru is also called Pluto. The government changed Pluto from one of the 9 planets to a dwarf planet many years ago and many believe they did this to find the fact that Pluto is Nibiru. It has also been said that during the flood in Noah’s day that Nibiru passed the earth which caused the flooding but we know that God is in charge of nature, space and time. 


Many scientists miss the whole point of what they are actually studying for. They try and play God and find science with everything that happens in the world but what they don’t get is that God is the scientist of the whole world. He created all things and controls it all. That is why you see in the world scientists changing everything that God has done and created. They are changing DNA, controlling the weather, CERN are opening up portals to the spirit worlds and manipulating everybody with technology. 


Prepare your body, mind, soul and spirit for the things to come. Many scriptures says that if you are in those times of tribulation you must endure to the end.    







Other such catastrophic events that will occur are volcanos. Rev 8:8 says of a disaster will happen much like a volcano. Areas like Philippines and Hawaii have had many volcanos but other areas like Australia and United States are well overdue for one. Places like Yellowstone National Park has been talked about for years and experts says that they would have a year or so warning before such event but would they really tell the people. As long as people stay awake and aware of the world around them they can get through these hard times. 



Bible prophecy shows all these disasters are going to happen, it’s just a question of when. We have already shown you here a timeline of what possibly is the tribulation. It is up to you to come to God and repent and know that his Son Jesus Christ is the way and the light. 

God has given us all a gift, a gift to know that earth is not our real home. Heaven is our home and God has shown us that this life on earth is just a testing ground for eternal life in heaven. 

Help us keep telling the word of God!

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