The Timeline Of Jesus

I wanted to go through some of the timelines in the Bible and show you how God works and the signs and times he gives us to study. Some of these timelines I will talk about are the Birth of John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, Jesus Baptism, Jesus crucifixion, the Tribulation, the Rapture and when Jesus could return. 


So first let’s look at what calendar God is using to set all these dates and times so it all fits together. God is and has been going off the Judaism calendar NOT the new Jewish calendar. The start of the year is Passover, which is the month Nisan, Mar/Apr to our calendar. Here are some references to that: 

Exo 12:2, Exo 23:14-17, Lev 23:5, Eze 45:21, Zech 1:7. These are just a few of the dates and years mentioned in the Bible for the calendar used. So Nisan/Mar/Apr is the start of their year and Adar/Feb/Mar is the end of their year. The new Jewish calendars start their year at Tishri/Sep/Oct but that is not what Gods timeline is in the Bible. 


So the 3 major dates and times for Jesus Christ was his birth, baptism and death. So let’s start with his birth which was in Sivan/May/Jun 4 BC. Now if you are a believer that Jesus was born in December like they tell us you would be wrong. That date was made by the pagan Catholic Church which also named all our days and months from false gods. For example Sunday is Sun Day, the day for worshiping the sun god not the true God. Sunday is also not the holy day that God said for us to keep holy. It is actual Saturday, that is the 7th day of the week. Jesus was born Sivan/May/Jun 4 BC and let’s look how we got this date. 


John the Baptist was born 6 months before Jesus. Now in Luke 1:24, 26, 51 we can find the dates of these events and know the month and year. We see that the angel Gabriel came to Virgin Mary in the 6th month and told her she will conceive a son. In verse 36 we see that Elisabeth was in her 6th month with baby John, and if we calculate the months of these verses we see that John the Baptist was born on Kislev/Nov/Dec on the 8th day of the month which would be to us in late November or early December. We now see that Jesus would have been born sometime in Sivan/May/Jun 4 BC, but with history records being blocked of Augustus tax decree from Luke 21-2 it is hard to know the exact date for Jesus birth. 



If we look at Matthew 1:17 we see that there are 42 generations from Abraham to Jesus. So how long is a generation, well if we look at all the years from Adam to Abraham we will find that it is 1948 or the year 2052 BC. That is why Israel today became a nation again in the year 1948 because it was that many years to Abraham. If we do some maths and calculate the time from Abraham to Jesus it is 2048 years. Now all we have to do is take 2048 and divide it by 42 generations it comes to 48.76 years, roughly 49 years is a generation, just like a jubilee is 49 years. That means Jesus was actually born in the year 3996 if your counting up from 0, because today we are in the year 6020. 


So now let’s move onto to the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. Jesus was baptized when he was about 30 years old. He was baptized around the time of Rosh Hashanah in the Fall, so Sep/Oct that would mean he was 30.3 years old when baptized in the year 27 AD. 


There is a lot of controversy about Luke 3:1 and the year of Tiberius Caesar and his 15th year reign. Because people say well this doesn’t line up with Jesus being baptized in the year 27 AD. Luke is a man of knowledge and would not have gotten this wrong, but how you ask. In the year 13 AD Tiberius was made proconsular to Augustus which made him now pro-princeps with Augustus. According to history records Suetonius placed this date in 12 AD. It’s stated that these ceremonies and declaration for Tiberius to be co-princeps took place in 12 AD. Now there is one more factor that could come into play here and that is that a lot of the ancient Romans still used the Syro-Mecedonian calendar which would also make the year not 14 AD but 12 AD. People would say, that’s not right it doesn’t line up properly, but I’ll show you clear times from the Bible why Jesus was baptized in the year 27 AD.  


Let’s look at some of the Old Testament. Just a quick note that most of the time in the Bible when God or his angels speak of weeks or days it means years. 


Now in the book of Daniel 9:25 Gabriel starts speaking with Daniel in a vision. He talks with him about a timeline of weeks and when the Messiah ( Jesus ) will come. It says 7 week and 6 and 2 weeks so to calculate this it is 7 weeks so 7 x 7 days in a week so that’s 49 weeks and 62 weeks so 62 x 7 days in a week so 434 weeks. So if we add them together we get 483 weeks. The verse says from the going forth to rebuild Jerusalem to the Messiah the Prince is 483 weeks which is 483 years. Now to know when this is let’s look at the book of Ezra 7:13. They speak of a decree to go restore the holy city, and in Nehemiah 2:1-20 we see that he is going to help rebuild Jerusalem. 



If we look at history a little here we find that the decree by King Artaxerxes was ordered in the year 457 BC. When you calculate from 457 to Messiah the Prince of 483 years spoken by Daniel the prophet, you get to the year 27 AD the time of Jesus baptism, and if you do this on your calculator it will be a year off because it does not count from 1 BC through to 1 AD. So we know from this that it is clear evidence that Jesus was baptized in the year 27 AD.  


Let’s look now at the crucifixion of Jesus 3 and half years later. Christ started his ministry fully after he had spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert where Satan tempted Jesus to follow him and not God. After he had told Satan to be gone, Jesus started recruiting disciples to start his ministry. This would be in the month of Cheshvan or Oct/Nov. 


After 3 and a half years Jesus knew it was time that one would betray him and that he would be crucified and die. On the eve of Passover 31 AD, Judas betrayed Jesus and was sent to Pontius Pilate. In a lot of scriptures it can be quite confusing of what day it was Jesus was crucified. There is much talk about why are there two Sabbaths mentioned in the Bible. How can there be 2 Sabbaths in one week? Well, Lev 16:29-31, 23:5-9 talks about the Holy Sabbaths that happen in spring on the first and last days of unleavened bread. Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday just before the Holy Sabbath and then in Luke 23:54 there was preparation again for the Sabbath which would be the 7th day, Saturday. This would explain why there would be two Sabbaths or Shabbats in one week. All these events were predicted by the prophet Isaiah 7:14, 9:6, 53:1-3, 53:9 just to name a few. 


On the third day Jesus rose from the dead and went up to the Father in heaven. In Matt 17:23, Mark 9:31, Luke 9:22, we see that Jesus knew he would be killed and then rise again the third day. When it says in scripture the third day, we know from the time and date of the crucifixion that this means three days later but the third day of the year. Because the crucifixion was on the day of Passover this means he died and rose again the third day which was three days later. Jesus was arrested and crucified in 31 AD then raised from the dead on the third day of Passover in 31 AD. 

God has given us all a gift, a gift to know that earth is not our real home. Heaven is our home and God has shown us that this life on earth is just a testing ground for eternal life in heaven. 

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