What Is the Early Bible

I would like to start here first by pointing out some things about what this page IS about and what I’m NOT saying here. 



I will be talking about the different versions of the Bible and which one is the real word of God. 



On this page I will simply be showing you some Bible scriptures and then the early scriptures of the Bible. In no way am I saying that if you read a certain Bible that that is bad because it is not. The Bibles that should be more aware of are ones like the NIV or the NTL. Those Bibles have only about 30 to 40% of the real words of God. I read the King James Bible and will continue to read the KJV. The KJV is the real words of God and has the best interpretations of any Bible. The Matthew Bible has slightly different interpretations of the original texts from Hebrew and Greek. 


This page is to show you the lies and corruption of people with the antichrist spirit that are waring against the word of God which is stated in Rev 12:17. Many scriptures in Revelation is not just of the future but of the past, and what has happened to lead up to the last 7 year tribulation period. 

In the next 7 to 8 years ( 2020 to 2027 ) the world is going to see the full force of antichrist at work with the mark of the beast introduced to everyone. The social credit score being used around the world right now is going to be a massive part in the lead up to the mark of the beast. We as believers need to be aware of things that are happening in the world right now because there is an evil coming into power that is so deceptive and so cunning that many will not know what these times will mean to people’s salvation. 

That being said let’s go into the real scriptures here and I’ll explain how the King James Bible came to be and the Tyndale Bible with the real words of God.  

Many believe that the King James Bible is the pure word of God our Father and that there are no faults in this book. That is just true, to a certain point, but it was translated by men with an agenda. Some of the names here I will mention are men with no agenda and were killed for writing the true word of God and Jesus Christ.  

Martin Luther was a German professor, composer and priest who was one of the first people to translate the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible into German. He rejected the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and argued that salvation is not by a persons good deeds but by the spiritual faith you receive from God the Father. He taught that when someone receives the power of the Holy Spirit that a person will no longer want to sin and that their faith will be in Jesus Christ. 

Luther first finished translating the New Testament of the Bible in 1522. His collaborators later completed the whole Bible in 1534. 

Martin Luther’s work inspired William Tyndale to work on an English translation of the whole Bible. Tyndale was an English scholar who became very well known to many professors, scholar and world leaders.  

Tyndale was the first to translate the Hebrew and Greek texts into English and the first to translate “Iehouah” into what we now know as Jehovah. He questioned much of the Catholic Church and their teachings and even wrote a book called “The Obedience of a Christian Man.” 

This book would later cause the murder of William Tyndale by the Catholic Church because he told the truth and argued the teachings of the church were wrong. Tyndale says in this book that the Catholics would not let anyone own their own Bible because the church knew better. This would have been the case because from 476 to anywhere from 1000 to 1500 the Roman Catholic Church burnt all Bibles and would not allow people to have their own bible copies. Many professors and scholars do not tell this side of the Dark Ages in history because they do not want people to know the truth.   

During that time and even after people had to obtain a licence to own a Bible approved by the Roman Church. They would not allow any English Bibles translated and would have people killed if anyone disobeyed them. This is why William Tyndale was murdered by the Roman Catholics because he dared to translate the original texts into English. 

William Tyndale got permission in 1523 to translate the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into English and then moved to Hamburg around 1524 to start the translation. Tyndale completed the first edition in 1526. Later in 1534 and 1536 Tyndale published two new revised versions on the Bible which John Rogers and Miles Coverdale finished because of Tyndale’s arrest. These translations were complete and lead to what we know now as the Matthew Bible which was published in 1537. John Rogers went under the alias of Thomas Matthew to be able to finish Tyndale’s work.

Upon finishing the work of William Tyndale, Rogers had no shortage of controversy. Many men were working to expose the corruption of the Roman Church and many failed. People like Thomas Cranmer was another man who first saw the effects of the Lutheran Bible in Nuremberg and wanted to show the people the true teachings of God. 

In 1535 Tyndale was betrayed by Henry Philips who was working for Bishop Stokesley who was working for Henry VIII. This betrayal later led to the death of Tyndale under the charge of heresy. Rogers finished the Bible translation just before his death in 1555. He was also betrayed by the Catholic Church and was imprisoned with many others for a year before his death. Rogers was charged by Stephen Gardiner ( who was responsible for a number of faith believing Christian deaths around that time ) with denying the Roman principles of the church and charged with heresy. He was offered a pardon if he would denounce the true Christian faith but he refused and was burned at the stake. Only one year later Queen Mary the 1st of England and Ireland and daughter of Henry the VIII ordered the execution of Thomas Cranmer who supported the Matthew Bible written by William Tyndale and finished by John Rogers.   

So how do we get to the King James Bible you say, well let’s have a look at some history. 

Henry VIII had a number of children one we mentioned above, Queen Mary I but he also had another daughter, Elizabeth I of England. Around the 8th year of Queen Elizabeth’s reign Queen Mary I of Scotland gave birth to a son who she called James. James was born in 1566. After Mary I of Scotland was released from prison on suspicion of murdering her husband Henry Stuart Lord Darnley, she fled to southward to her first cousin once removed Elizabeth I of England. James grew up to be King of all three thrones of Ireland, England and Scotland. 

He began translating the Great Bible in 1603 and finished the King James Bible in 1611. 

Here is the problem with this. He translated from the Great Bible which was a combination of the Tyndale Bible and the Myles Coverdale Bible. The Coverdale Bible was translated from the Latin and German texts not the original Hebrew and Greek texts. He did however use some of Tyndale’s Bible work but removed many words and features due to the bishops wanting to approve of the writings first. The Great Bible was first approved by the Roman Catholic Church of Henry VIII in 1535. 

The Great Bible was not completely translated from the original Hebrew and Greek texts so when King James translates from that Bible he is translating the wrong texts. The Matthew Bible is the original texts from Hebrew and Greek into English but King James has referenced a number of different Bibles they used in translations. The Tyndale and Matthew Bibles should have been the only two used in translations because they are the only two Bibles that are from the original Hebrew and Greek texts. The Matthew Bible however is not pushed or talked about anywhere in churches or mainstream media because it is a more accurate depiction of the real words of God and Jesus Christ. Men like Tyndale and Rogers died for their faith and belief in these true translations but others who translated the new bibles had agendas. 



Many words, phrases and scriptures in the King James Bible are different to the Matthew Bible.

For example, 

In the Matthew Bible, Revelation 1:10 it says, 


“I was in the sprete on a sondaye and herde behynde me a gret voyce as it had bene of a trompe.” 


Translated into our English today, “I was in the spirit on a Sunday and heard behind me a great voice as it had been of a trumpet.”

In the King James Version of the Bible it says, 

“I was in the spirit on the Lord’s day.” This is not correct. 

The Lord’s day is not a Sunday because the Roman church changed the days and named them after their false gods. The Lord’s day is in fact a Saturday. If you have read my other articles you would know that all the days were changed and that our Sunday is actually the first day of the week not Monday. 

This here is just one example of the scriptures being changed by corrupt leaders. If you look at the book of Judges in the King James Bible when Samson is betrayed by Delilah, you will see that it says that, “she called in for a man, and she caused him to shave off the seven locks of Samson.” 

In the Matthew Bible it says, “she made him sleep on her lap, and sent for a man, and cut off Samson’s locks.” This implies that it was Delilah that cut off Samson’s hair not the man that came in to arrest Samson. 

There are many more examples of the change in scripture but these are just a few to show you how they have changed Gods word when he has said clearly that all who change the word in this book will be cursed by God.   

I hope this helps people to be aware of what lies beneath the surface of many things in this world. 

In no way am I saying to not read your Bibles either, but I think it is important for people to be aware what real truth is and that it is from God, not from humans beings. 

We must keep reading but praying to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ for guidance of truth and true salvation.      

Let the Holy Spirit guide you and Amen.