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Back in 1938 Adolf Hitler was named Times Man of The Year and in that year and the late 1930s he and the Nazis elite powers were starting to build machines and devices to summon demons. They were very involved in satanic cults and routinely performed a lot of evil rituals. 


They were reportedly shown by these other dimensional beings the path to creating and building flying saucers and the technology they have to use in order to build them. 


Germany had, and still has today some of the smartest engineering scientists in the world.  


Other reports show, and in verbal conversations from Dr. Kurt Fisher tells us that there is evidence that they did, in fact, open up portals to other dimensions.  


 Putting forth the concept of aliens, AKA demons and the idea we are not alone in the universe. The concept of demons and spiritual beings have been around for years and years but not to the extent of when an unidentified flying object crashed into earth in 1947 at Roswell New Mexico. Many believe it was a mimic of one of the aircrafts the Nazis built called “The Bell.”   


Reports back in the 1940s told of fighter pilots who reported on unusual flying objects in the skies flying at supersonic speeds and performing unusual manoeuvres that was just not possible back then.  


These aircrafts were just some of the advanced technology weapons used by the Nazis.


Aircrafts like this were manufactured in 1930s and 1940s in an underground base which is located in Antarctica. 


These top secret projects were known by only a few of Hilter's men.


In 2001 a satellite allegedly captured images of massive man-made structures underneath the ice. After the images got exposed the U.S military closed the area and was marked as top secret. 


In today’s world there are many top level scientists and governments working together at CERN to do the very thing Adolf Hitler did back then. 


They are opening up portals to other dimensions.


The universe as we know it is made up of 4 dimensions and everything is made of matter. Length, width, depth and time. Scientists believe that there are another 6 dimensions that can be discovered through exploding anti-matter particles together. 















Anti-matter is very real and very dangerous and is said to have 4 times the amount of energy then a nuclear bomb. When the anti-matter is produced very strange things occur. Strange weather, people seeing visions of creatures and also feeling sick and dizzy. 


Anti-matter is made from anti-electrons or positrons and they behave like electrons with a positive charge. Antiprotons are protons with a negative charge. When  anti-matter particle collide with matter particles they annihilate each other to produce a big amount of energy. 


So why you would people start to feel sick? 

Why would the weather start acting strange? 


Because anti-matter particles have mass like other particles but can bend space and time and create gravity. When they collide with other particles they annihilate each other and create a hole in space which can open up a vortex in time-space. When 1 milligram of anti-matter is produced it is equal to 4 nuclear bombs. 


How do they control this you say? 


CERN use a number of different superconductive magnetic systems that can magnetise over 300 million metric tones per meter. The military have already produced controlled nuclear blasted which target certain areas using high magnetic fields of energy and ultra high frequencies. 

CERN which is short for Cernunnos, was another false God that was half man, half beast that rose up from the underworld and is described as, “Lord of Animals” which means, shapeshifter. CERN’s LHC experiment is over 300 feet underground and performs other dimensional visits on a regular basis. It is no coincidence that they are 300 feet underground and summoning evil beasts from a portal to rise up out of the ground like their name implies.  


So how did Adolf Hitler conduct these types of experiments back in the late 1930s?


Different technologies and devices were being used, and are still being used today to transfer demonic spirits through the frequencies of which they operate. 


We have seen back from the German scientists they built a base in the Antarctica, used that facility to open portals to summon demons. For a human to become possessed by certain demons, the temperature needs to be at a freezing level in order to make the transfer. The human body needs to be almost dead for the spirit to take procession. This is also the same when accessing other dimensions, the temperature needs to be at a very cold level. 

Temperature levels in space are minus -270 degrees Celsius, or minus - 450 Fahrenheit. The particle matter of these other dimensions that is produced for this process is of very low temperatures much like as in space. 


 The powers of this world have aways been 100 to 150 years ahead of what we know in technology and other resources today. Hitler had hundreds and hundreds of top scientists from around the world working for him to produce these energies and portals but how far they really went into another dimension we may never know.  

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