Gematria is a very interesting and complicated form of numbers that identify with letters and it dates back as far as 725 BC. 


1=Aleph, 2=Bet and 3=Gimel. But alphanumeric code can be translated from Greek, Arabic and other languages. In Hebrew this is also how people will find the name of the man who has the number six hundred and sixty-six who will be the anti-christ.   


It was made as a way to understand the Bible and decode the hidden messages but it was also a way the Greek’s and Jewish elders could try to master the Bible and predicted the future. God says he made the planets and stars for us to observe and use for time keeping, but not for man to try and predict the future and change time. In our world today we hear of countries building a second Sun, a second Moon and even artificial meteor showers. They are using chemicals and heavy metals to spray out of planes and say it is for global warming but in fact the very things they are doing is warming up the planet. 


For thousands of years people have tried to be bigger than God and Jesus Christ his son, and gematria is one way they started that to try and predict events before they happen and a way to play God. 


There are two forms of gematria, the first is a revealed form which is prevalent in many hermeneutic methods. The second is mystical gematria from the Kabbalah practice. 

Kabbalist’s use gematria for arbitrary phrases and various languages. Kabbalah or Zohar can be dated back as far as the 13th century but Kabbalah was mostly kept secret prior to the 16th century so it is very difficult to learn their teachings. More importantly though Kabbalah is a form of false teachings of the Bible in order for the Luciferian spirit to deceive people in believing they are studying great knowledge about the Bible but in fact they are moving further away from God. 


It uses numerology to find hidden meanings by a mystical result as appose to listening to the word of God. If he says this certain things will happen, then it will happen the way God said not in some other form of mystical interpretation. 


From many people’s point of view Kabbalism is meant to be talked about in the Bible but this is not true. Scholars and false prophets have changed words in the Bible and in the scriptures to make way for another form of power that is not God. It is said that it is an occult practice and uses means to teach false beliefs. 


They believe that there are 10 emanations from God which did all the creations and not God himself. They also base some of their beliefs on visions delivered to them in a trance-like state. For hundreds of years people have taken psychedelic drugs and remedies to have visions of other dimensions, creatures and even visions of what they believe is Jesus Christ.   


Today high level military, scientists and engineers of the world use hallucinogenic drugs to connect with other dimensional beings to build new technologies and other resources. Products like LSD, MDMA and DMT can all be used to have visions that are NOT from God. 



These drugs release chemicals in the brain which in fact opens up higher frequency doorways to other dimensions. 


All these drugs were made back in the 1930s where in which Adolf Hitler got his Nazi scientists to use for producing new weapons and technologies. This was just one form of radical ideas they used back then. 


So when we talking about gematria there is a big rabbit hole to go down. Numerologists believe that there is a hidden code in scriptures that can tell the past and future. Books like “The Bible Code” by Michael Drosnin tell this story. The book reveals Hebrew codes in the Bible of events that were written thousands of years ago but only happened recently.

Remember this book was written in 1997. This event in the picture shows of an earthquake that will happen in California 2010. Just like the earthquakes that happened back in 1994. And it happened. Back in January 2010 a 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck the coast of California with over 28,000 people without power and nearly a dozen aftershocks with the strongest hitting 4.5 magnitude. 


So the powers and elites of the world use the code imbedded in the Bible to predict and plan events of the future. 


But what are they using it for? 

Is it for good or is it for evil? 


If you look at all the spiritual things happening in the world today you will know that the agenda of the luciferians is gaining more power and speeding up the process of the beast system. 


There are many false practices, false religions and false interpretations of the word of God. 


This is God’s world and time is running out for the spiritual demons and the evil of this world.  

God has given us all a gift, a gift to know that earth is not our real home. Heaven is our home and God has shown us that this life on earth is just a testing ground for eternal life in heaven. 

Help us keep telling the word of God!

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