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As we look into the future we will find some very hard times coming for the whole world. Whether you believe in pre tribulation, mid or post tribulation, there is going to be some very biblical events that the book of Revelation talks about. 


Many people today look towards a leader or a higher power to follow. It may be a preacher you go listen to or a proclaimed prophet that can heal people of sickness, but one has to be very wary because of the very growing number of false teachers. You see there is a higher power that rule this world and they are not just men or women leading a country or army but there is an evil spirit that possesses these people to gain power and to control the way we live. 


One of the agendas they seek to accomplish is to create false prophets and teachers to speak wrong words from the Bible and to blaspheme, to make way for the biggest false prophet, the anti-christ. So many preachers today are speaking of the Bible but are twisting words, Gods actions and biblical events. All of the false teachers value money and power, over telling the true word of God. They will speak of salvation for all who pray to a God and repent to whatever God you believe. This is one of the biggest lies and deceptions ever told by the people teaching the Bible today. Too many people are getting taught that if you pray to a false God you will still go to heaven, but this is far from the truth. 


Other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Paganism, and Satanism all come from a dark and evil origin. If you research the start of all these other religions you will find that all were created after Christianity. Christianity was founded in the 1st century but Christians were around for thousands of years before that.    


Paganism or also known as Norse Mythology is a religious practice that has been around since the 4th century. It was first established by false Christians in the Roman Empire who practiced Polytheism, which is the belief in many Gods in other worlds. 


Odin and Thor are some of the false Gods that were created to challenge the one true God in Christianity. They believe that a ritual sacrifice needs to be made to Odin and these other Gods to make into Valhalla, which is their version of heaven. Paganism also foresees the events of the end of the world and the creation of the new one which they call Ragnarok. 


All these things and events are taken from the Bible and what is told from the true God. 




Islam is another religion that is adopted from the Bible and made to deceive people and their thoughts. 


The religion Islam, was created in around the year 700 CE but is believed to be the origin of Christian religions before Moses and Abraham. Widely know as Muslims, the book which is written as the Quran was said to be the next Revelation of God. The Quran teaches some very unchristian like behaviour and sinful actions. 


Allah is the God they pray to and Muhammad is the prophet that came to save them. The Quran teachers some very controversial things and the book has been changed many times to accommodate to peoples discrepancies. One of those discrepancies is the age of Muhammed’s third wife. Many scholars and writers have said that Aisha, was either the age of 6 or 9 years old. Different versions of the Quran state different things, but she was around that age. 


Islam today is followed by more than 1.5 billion people and numbers are increasing. It is the second most popular religion behind Christianity. 



Hinduism is a religion from India and was first written about in the year 500 BCE. 


The diverse system believe a number of methods of unity. Atheism, Polytheism and Pantheism are just a few of the different beliefs mixed in with Hinduism. Their concept of God is much more complicated and depends on the individual. They do however have a number of Gods and Goddesses which many people pray to or perform rituals too. 


One of these Gods is Shiva, also known as “the destroyer.” In Hinduism Shiva is a supreme being that creates, protects and transforms the universe. The word Shiva means ones consciousness and is said to be called, “Lord of Dance” because of ancient paintings back 2000 years ago of Shiva dancing in rituals. 


The company called CERN in our time today is said to have performed ritual dancing like Shiva, when doing experiments with the LHC (Large Hadron Collider). 


Hinduism is followed by more than 1 billion people around the world today. 



   All these religions and belief systems here are just a few of the many hundreds that get taught in our time today. A high number of preachers, who claim to be Christian and teach the Bible, are adopting many of these other religions and beliefs into Christianity. There are very few preachers who are able to teach the true word of God and be successful at the same time. 


We will learn here that everyone in the mainstream of any industry, can’t continue without being forced to change their teaching process. For example, most of the political conservatives or anyone trying to do some good or speak the truth, gets censored on social media or other platforms. A lot of Christian Youtube channels are being demonetised because they tell the word of God, and a very high number of preachers who speak the true words of the Bible are getting cast out and censored on most internet media platforms. 


But there is another very high number of preachers that are not getting censored. They are the false teachers of the Bible who are being pushed into the limelight because of their false words of God. This list below is just a few of the false prophets who claim to be healers or speak to God. 


Joel Osteen

Benny Hinn

Joyce Meyer

Kenneth Copeland

T.D. Jakes

Joseph Prince


They are changing the words, gospel and meaning of Christianity. Hundreds of others are around the world in their church or ministry, teaching that God will accept you into heaven no matter what God you pray to as long as you pray. This is just simply not true. The only way to heaven and have eternal life is through Jesus Christ and God the Father. 


God wants you to get to know him and his son Jesus Christ. Reading the Bible and praying is the only way. If people start putting their faith in a person or persons here on earth to help them with issues or problems, than God can’t do his work for you. 


Know there are preachers out there that do teach the gospel how the Bible says, but it is rare. There are also prophets that can heal people and do hear Gods word, but again, it is rare. The true prophets and healers do not make it to the mainstream to teach the Bible. All of the false teachers would rather make more money and fit the part of a celebrity.


Not too long ago I had the privilege of seeing Franklin Graham live in person at a special event. For 2 hours a number of Christian bands and singers came out and performed in front of thousands of people. Franklin spoke for a short time his words were true and not sugar coated at all. 


Now any of these other preachers would charge anywhere from $100 a ticket and up. The event with Franklin Graham was free. 


Franklin travels around the world teaching the gospel, helping people and continuing what his father, Billy Graham started. When you hear about T.D. Jakes who bought his wife a car worth over $250,000 or Joel Osteen, who charges up to $500 a ticket for some events, it becomes very clear who the real people of God are. Now because we live in a world of sin and deception it can be hard for people to see who they can trust. There is much deception out there, but with the Holy Spirit to guide you, one can observe and learn who can be trusted for the real teachings of God Almighty. 


Back in the day of Noah, Moses or Daniel, we read that God performed many miracles for his people. When you read in Daniel Chapter 3 that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown down into the burning furnace by King Nebuchadnezzar, and did not burn. The king saw four men standing in the fire and could not understand at first because there were only three men thrown in. The King later believed in God and protected the men of God as his own family. 


We today do not see miracles like this happen because there is just too much sin in the world we live. Where there is sin, we are unable to hear the voice of God unless we have very strong faith. 


When the true false prophet, (antichrist) is revealed and comes into power, many people will be deceived by his charm, presence and ability. He will mimic everything that Jesus did on this earth when he was here. He will proclaim to have all the answers. And most of all he will control everybody’s actions without them even knowing it. He is the true false prophet.


All of these other preachers you hear speak of words like, “Pray, we must pray and have faith, but don’t just to pray to the Christian God, you can pray to whatever God you follow,” this sort of talking and teaching is becoming very normal in society today, and it is NOT good. 


Remember that, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist. So many things we do in our day-to-day lives is just letting the evil spirits stay around us and we don’t even know it. 


Different technologies manufactured today are devices thought of through other dimensional experiences. They are shown by these evil spirits what to do, what to make and how to control the system that we live in today, and controlling the thought process of Christians is a major part of that. The psychology of manipulating peoples thoughts without them knowing has been happening for many years. When you hear a preacher that believes he’s a person of God say, “God is just one of many Gods,” you will immediately second guess what you thought you knew in the Bible. This then puts doubt in your mind and then that seed inside your brain is planted. You may start to read the Bible in a whole different way. But if you are a strong Christian, you would hear something like that, and say that is wrong. 


Don’t be fooled by what you hear from the mainstream media or false prophets. Always ask God for the Holy Spirit to guide you and show you the way. 


When your mind is clear and you are willing to let God come and enlighten your spirit, you will truly see everything in your life around you change for the better.   


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