Age of Planet Earth

The first words of the Holy Bible say, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth,” and in six days he created all things and saw that it was very good. He blessed the seventh day and rested from all his work. It does not say anywhere in scripture what year this occur or how long ago it was. 


There is however some investigating you can do to find out how old the earth really is. If you know your Bible well and have studied the scriptures through the Old Testament, you will discovered all the generations from Adam and Eve, king David, past Daniel the prophet and you will come to Jesus Christ. To break down the years and generations of history in the Bible, I will show you some important dates of events that happened in the Old Testament. 


At the beginning of time, Adam and Eve were created on day six, year 0. 


From the time of Adam to Noah, it was 1056 years. 


When the flood came and Noah and his family went into the Ark, it was now year 1656. 


A few hundred years later, Abraham was born in the year 1948.


When Moses return to Egypt after being exiled for many years, he went to the Pharaoh in year 2447. 


The Exodus took place a year later in 2448. 


Joshua conquered Israel in the year 2500. 


The first temple started construction in 2928. 


Solomon died in the year 2964. 


The destruction of the first temple was in 3338. 


The book of Daniel was from 3394 to 3462. 


King Artaxerxes made a decree in the year 3543 to the prophet Ezra, to rebuild Jerusalem. 


Jesus was born in the year 3996, or 4 BC. 


The destruction of the second temple was year 4070.


Today we live in the year 6020.


From the time of Adam to where we are today, it is the year 6020. God said he created all things in six days and rested the seventh, so how can scientists say that structures, bones, dinosaurs, rocks and humans have been here for millions of years, when the Bible clearly states that it has only been 6020 years. 


I will first get out of the way a question that many people ask and are curious about. The light from stars and distant planets. How can we see their light if it is light years away. 


There are over nine billion kilometres in a light year, and some stars are forty seven trillion kilometres away, so how do we see their light. Light speed is 186,282 miles per second or 299,792 kilometres per second. If we do a little math we find that light travels at a speed of 1,079,251,200 kilometres per hour. We then just need to calculate the distance of a star forty seven trillion kilometres away, and we’ll now know how much time that light has spent traveling to reach us. 


The answer is roughly 255 weeks, which is just under five years. Now this is working off the calculation of light travelling at that speed, but it has been said by scientists that within the vacuum of space, the pull of gravity, and how time is faster in space then earth, that light would shine to earth quicker then five years. 


For example, when you have a clock that starts it’s time from 3pm at sea level, and another at 5000 feet, that clock at 5000 feet will reach 4pm quicker than the clock at sea level, because gravity slows down time. This is not that time actually sped up but rather the position of the clock at 5000 feet changes things.


In the vacuum of space where there is no gravity, time is sped up at a much faster rate. 


If we look at 2 Peter 3:8 in the Bible where he says, “one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day,” we could interpret this by saying, that the heavens, which are up in space, are like a thousand years by only one day here on earth, because there is no gravity up in space. 


The math does say that stars could take thousands and thousands of years to reach us, but that is only using earth’s timeline and not time up in space. Time works differently and it would not take millions of years to see their light but only tens or hundreds, because time in space is much different to time on earth. The real science of the universe is not talked about much because they can’t admit creation was only thousands of years ago, not billions of years ago, because that proves to them the Bible is real and there is a God. There could be stars that are billions of light years away from us like the scientists say but we would properly not see their light because they were created within the last 6000 years, not billions of years ago.


Basically for those who are wondering about how far light travels, don’t just listen to the scientists but research things yourself and believe what God says because he is the creator of all things.             


With that out of the way lets now look at the age of dinosaurs. Are they really millions of years old or just 6000 years old like the Bible says.  


Most of the world today is told that planet earth and our universe is billions of years old. They teach it in schools, colleges, universities and in all types of programs. They start this type of teaching from a young age so it is very difficult to change that mind frame when you are older. It is programming people to think a certain way so the Bible looks like a bunch of crazy talk. 


From a very young age I would always question things that were taught at school and what society told me. I would always think to myself, why can people believe one thing but they can’t believe the other. Someone might believe in the ancient gods, but they don’t believe that Jesus was a real man, another could say the earth is flat, but doesn’t believe in a creator. How can a person believe dinosaurs live 65 million years ago, but can’t believe it’s possible they lived only 5000 years ago. Were people today living 65 million years ago? Can they really prove we are that old? No, they can’t, and real science shows that and evolution is just a way to take away what God created for us. 


There is something in our society today that is becoming very rare, ( and I pray that the world will be waken up someday ) but that thing is common sense. We have an expression here in Australia, “You know what they say about common sense? It’s not that common,” and that is completely right. If we could just look at things properly, we would know truth. God and Jesus Christ are truth. 


A good example is the flat earth theory. People can believe the earth is flat that’s fine, God gave us free will to do so, but if the earth was flat, why don’t all the lands, countries and people experience sunlight at the same time around the world each day. How can it be dark for people on one side of the earth but sunlight on the other side of the earth if the planet was flat. Because the earth is round and the Bible tells us that.  


There are many scriptures in the Bible that tell us about our planet and the creatures that lived in it. The book of Job, chapter 40 gives us a very good example of massive dinosaur like creatures living after Noah’s flood. Hundreds of Palaeontologists have said the dinosaur bones found all around the world look like they died from drowning. Many dinosaur fossils found had their necks tilted so far back that they look as if they were trying to reach for air. When the flood happened, thousands of dinosaurs left would have floated hundreds, if not thousands of miles across the earth. 


It has been documented that over 14 bio organic materials have been found in dinosaur bones that can not be millions of years old. Hemoglobins, red blood cells, bones cells, collagen, and skin fragments just to name a few, have all been found in dinosaur bones. Collagen for example can only last a maximum of 800,000 years, so how can scientists say dinosaurs are 65 million years old.


You see there is an agenda here with teaching our history and what really happened to our ancestors and planet earth, but if we know God, we know truth, because God does not lie, only evil does. 


In the book of Revelation chapter 12:17, John tells us that Satan went to make war against God’s commandments and the testimony of Jesus Christ, and this is one way he is trying to do that, by changing history.                  


The important thing to remember is that Yahweh God Almighty is eternal, he is in control of everything and everyone, he has always been and always will be. It does not matter if you go back millions or billions of years, he was always there. He created time and space, a starting point and an end point. When we as believers go to heaven we will be outside of that time and space and can not die. Our universe as we know it, was created only 6020 years ago by the one true God, and learning about his world is pretty amazing.