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Christian information, videos and telling the word of God.

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Speaking the word of our Lord and his son Jesus Christ. In these dark times and living in the last days we want to give you the knowledge that we have learnt over the years to help prepare for the second coming of Christ. 

We will try our best to add more information and share our experiences to help others believe in the one true God.

Living as a Christian is not easy in the world today but with faith and God's help you can live for eternity. 

Please feel free to contact us if you would to request permission for content use or if you have any other questions regarding the website and the information presented on this website or any other platforms we share our content.  

All content on this website Lord's Chronicles is copyrighted to my team and I. All videos, photos, designs, music and content were made and created by myself and are copyrighted under the law. 

Thank you.

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God has given us all a gift, a gift to know that earth is not our real home. Heaven is our home and God has shown us that this life on earth is just a testing ground for eternal life in heaven. 

Help us keep telling the word of God!

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